Chief Financial Officer

Albany, Ga
Administration - Albany, Ga
Dougherty County Administration
68,500.00  Annual
Full Time
Location: Albany,Ga Wage: Starting at: 68500.00 Annual
Department: Administration - Albany, Ga Position Type: Full Time
Announcement Begin Date: Pay Grade:
Location Name: Dougherty County Administration




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Position Title:

Chief Financial Officer    

Position Number:






Work Unit:




Immediate Supervisor’s Title:CEO

Kay Brooks Hatfield, CEO

List positions supervised through immediate contact:


Accounting  Staff




Accountant I




Purchasing Staff









B.     QUALIFICATIONS (including physical requirements)

  • Must possess a minimum of a Bachelors degree in business, finance or accounting with at least 5 years experience working with a healthcare facility, behavioral health provider and/or large corporation or company whose budget is in excess of $ 13 million.
  • Must possess superior skills in the area of accounting, unit specific budgets, billing, accounts receivables, and other operational skills of an executive manager who oversees a large complex business.
  • Must possess superior skills in areas of personnel relations, human relations (Contract development) and other interpersonal skills.
  • Must have demonstrated competency in areas of a technical nature (computers, spreadsheets, budget presentations and development).
  • Must have exceptional skills in English, composition, and typing.
  • Must be able to manage high levels of stress and multiple tasks simultaneously.




        (Include emergency equipment, treatment equipment and high risk equipment)


Multiple IT devices, including computer, tablet, etc; presentation equipment





Employee routinely performs tasks that involve exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material as part of their assigned duties (Category I).


Employee performs assigned tasks which does not involve exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material, BUT employment may require performing unplanned Category I tasks (Category II)




Employee performs assigned tasks which involve no exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material AND performance I tasks are not a condition of employment (Category III)







Direct Care





        The Albany Area Community Service Board goal is to continually improve the delivery of service       by improvement of consumer outcomes and satisfaction. All employees have a role in       performance improvement and are expected to interact collaboratively with co-workers, and other contacts to provide consistent, high-quality, consumer focused services.



        (Age related, Cultural and Linguistic Competence)


Work requires the knowledge and skills necessary to provide direct consumer services appropriate



whose ages range from






(disability of consumer)







        Staff should be able to: (Define Competency Areas)

  1. Strengthen executive team and assist in meeting Aspire strategic plan goals. Develop a comprehensive agency-wide budget/unit-specific budgets.
  1. Develop creative strategies/recommendations for budget improvement
  2. Utilize solution focused recovery-oriented strategies to meet agency/unit goals.
  3. Supervise a number of essential staff relative to budgets, contracts, purchasing, and accounts payables of the agency.


  1. Computer literacy and ability to develop spread sheet presentations for analysis
  1. Identify/develop implement data analysis strategies for agency use in strategic planning and agency accountability.
  2. Contract Development and monitoring
  3. Develop diversified funding source including contracts, grand and foundation funding.
  4. Manage development projects as assigned






        DESCRIPTION OF WORK DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Type in or attach current description of    duties. Employees are expected to perform their work in a competent and efficient manner.        Include % of time.


        Duties include:


  1. Team Player on Executive Leadership team providing leadership and financial updates to meet agency strategic plan goals.  Provides on-going solution focused/recovery oriented input/support in executive leadership team functions and responsibilities. 


  1. Develops, plans, and manages assigned areas of administrative staff to ensure prompt and effective support services are available to Senior Managers and agency wide Aspire/AACSB units.  Creates and maintains a high-performance environment characterized by positive leadership, strong team orientation, solution focused, recovery oriented and performance improvement. 
  1. Supervises the following units/departments/functions and ensures proper

     functioning of units:

  1. Accounting Department (Accounts Payable, Budgeting,

                                                          Reporting, Bookkeeping)

  1.  Purchasing
  2. Contracts and Leases
  3. Provider funding sources: contracts, grants, and other revenues
  4. Project Management as assigned


  1. Ensures areas of responsibility meet reporting requirements as well as other

policies, procedures, and practices required by contract, regulatory, monitoring, and legal authorities.Works with staff and external entities (DBHDD, CARF, DCH, HFR, ASO, local stakeholders and other agencies) as required to ensure standards are met.

  1. Develops strategic approaches to ensure administrative support services are

prompt and efficient.Promotes performance improvement in units supervised.Educates staff to agency strategic planning process and importance of Administrative Support Unit goals support agency goals.

  1. Monitors tasks/work of respective units and provides structure as needed. 

                             Provides productivity/time management oversight as needed.

  1. Holds monthly staff meetings to provide supervision and provide monitoring of

unit goals and responsibilities.Provides clarification on unit/agency strategicgoals.Updates on agency projects implementation.Promotes teamwork.Recommends staff trainings as needed.

  1. Ensures, local, state, and federal laws, policies, practices are followed

concerning accounting operations of agency.Contracts, license, inspections and

fees are monitored.


  1. Submits contract reporting (local, state, federal, other) before due dates.


  1. Monitors the external financial audit process.
  2. Monitors RFPs, SONs, grants, and foundation funding opportunities.
  3. Keeps CEO updated on financial status, budgets and accounting staff.
  4. Provide weekly updates to CEO/Leadership as needed.


  1. Develops and maintains an agency wide budget and works with Senior Managers

                           providing unit specific budgets for programs.

  1. Serves as agency Financial Officer and provides direction to Senior Managers and various Leadership Team members on a day to day need basis and monthly budget meeting for purposes of program accountability.
  2. Provides comprehensive agency budget as well as unit specific budgets.  Provides budget oversight to Senior Managers relative to unit budgets; provides complex analysis and recommendations for budget improvements.
  3. Works with Senior Managers and Leadership members as needed to monitor and other expenditures based on point-in time data and budget projections.
  4. Works with Senior Managers and Leadership in review of productivity issues and addressing barriers to productivity.
  5. Provides consultation/direction to CEO on all fiscal affairs.
  6. Reports financial issues/status at AACSB Board Meetings.
  7. Reports to county commissioners as needed. 


  1. Responsible for monitoring contract expectations and submitting required contract reports/other requested information in timely manner.
  1. Coordinates monitoring of contract expectations;

               Provides tracking reports/spreadsheets specific to contract requirements.    

        Meets with Senior Managers monthly to verify data. 

               Submits contract reports timely.

  1. Updates Senior Managers/Leadership/CEO of contract renewals, updates, amendments, and provides direction in renewing of contracts.
  2. Provides administrative support as needed to assure contract expectations are met and eliminate barriers that might hinder meeting contract expectations.


  1. Agency lead for acquiring and maintaining DBHDD/DCH/Health Department/other/state/federal contracts (RFPs, SONs), grants, and foundation funding opportunities to diversify funding sources.
  1. Develop a diversified funding source including provider contracts, grant, and foundation funding opportunities.
  2. Develop an on-going pursuit of funding sources.  Monitor local, state, and federal funding opportunities.
  3. Work with CEO, CCO, MD, and COO to prepare complex proposals to secure funding.
  4. Monitors Contract/Project Implementation Checklist to ensure contract requirements and smooth implementation of Administrative Support Services are provided in timely and efficient manner.  Works closely with Senior Managers/Unit supervisors in contract requirements/expectations.
  5. Develops monitoring mechanism to re-new contracts, submit additional information for renewal in timely manner.  Provide additional administrative support services as needed to on-going contract expectations.


  1. Serves on assigned committees representing the agency.  Attends local, regional, and state meetings as needed to represent agency in fiscal matters.  Provides updates to CEO and Leadership.
  1. Attends county commissioner’s meeting and other local, regional, and state meetings as needed to update agency’s fiscal needs.
  2. Attends and participates in the GA CSB Association CFO Committee meetings; Select Systems; others as needed.
  3. Participates on the AACSB Leadership/SPT committee meetings.    Attends Risk Management as needed.  Coordinates project development Committee during implementation phase of projects.  Monitors activities surrounding implementation.
  4. Attends Agency Unit staff meetings to provide support/clarification on financial/ Risk Management strategic goals per Senior Manager/Unit Supervisor invitations.
  5. Participates on ad hoc committees as assigned.
  6. Represents agency at meeting as assigned.


  1. Developing on-going funding opportunities and resources.


  1. Assists with 501C-3 activities.
  2. Manages new projects as assigned.


  1. All other duties as assigned by the Executive Director in the overall management of  Albany Area Community Service Board.










Signature of Employee






Signature of Supervisor






Signature of Team Leader/Program Manager