Social Service Coordinator 1, Licensed

Albany, Ga
Dougherty County Outpatient - Albany, Ga
Dougherty County Outpatient Services
67,000.00  Annual
Full Time
Location: Albany,Ga Wage: Starting at: 67000.00 Annual
Department: Dougherty County Outpatient - Albany, Ga Position Type: Full Time
Announcement Begin Date: Pay Grade:
Location Name: Dougherty County Outpatient Services

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Services Job Description




Position Title: Social Service Coordinator I, Licensed – HCP123

Position Number:


Date: September 13, 2018



Work Unit: AACSB Administration County: Dougherty

Immediate Supervisor’s Title: CCO


List positions supervised through immediate contact: None




Ability to perform a needs assessment of program services. Ability to assess the needs of your client population to identify needs. Knowledge of agency and federal policies, procedures, and guidelines. Knowledge of diagnostic impressions or criteria. Knowledge of how client advocacy systems operate. Knowledge of crisis intervention techniques.  Ability to work and communicate effectively with diverse populations.  Knowledge of individual and group therapy techniques. Knowledge of various therapeutic models and intervention as directly related to area of assignment.  Knowledge of various types of medication and their effects.  Knowledge of behavioral standards.  Clinical skills (Advanced). Ability to develop and implement treatment plan or behavioral plan to assist with resolving crisis or delivery services.  Ability to establish and prioritize goals and objectives of assigned program.  Ability to provide guidance and direction in the development of policies and procedures.  Ability to oversee compliance with all applications and regulations of assigned program.  Knowledge of diagnostic criteria and diagnosis. Knowledge of treatment approaches relevant to your specific field.  Ability to complete and interpret psychosocial assessments.  Knowledge of treatment/care plans and measurable goals.  Ability to work with all parties involved to assist with successful treatment planning.  Ability to make appropriate referrals.  Knowledge of family dynamics. Knowledge of family support groups.  Ability to facilitate family support groups.  Knowledge of confidentiality policies.  Ability to identify potential obstacles through interview and written documentation and assist consumers in overcoming obstacles. Ability to convey key concepts of behavior change to staff through effective teaching methods.  Ability to identify training needs and ensure necessary job-related instruction is provided.  Knowledge of behavior modification techniques.  Ability to maintain case files in accordance with policies and procedures. Knowledge of psychological test and evaluations. Ability to demonstrate culturally sensitive interviewing techniques. Ability to identify needs and risks.  Ability to coordinate services of various inter/intra community resources across disciplines.  Ability to serve as a liaison.  Knowledge of program related regulatory agencies. Knowledge of the audit process.  Ability to delegate work assignments.  Ability to evaluate staff members. Knowledge of performance management process. Ability to complete employee evaluations.  Entry qualifications include a Master’s Degree with license and three years of postgraduate related experience, with at least one year being in a supervisory role OR Master’s Degree and three years experience at the lower level or position equivalent (HCP122).


Note: Some positions may require licensure or certification.


 (Physical) No lifting of more than 20 pounds.





ALBANY AREA CSB Job Description                                                                         Page 2


Position Title: Social Service Coordinator I, Licensed – HCP123

Position Number:




(Include emergency equipment, treatment equipment and high risk equipment)




____Employee routinely performs tasks that involve exposure to blood or other potentially infectious

material as part of their assigned duties (Category I).

____Employee performs assigned tasks which does not involve exposure to blood or other

potentially infectious matter, BUT employment may require performing unplanned category I tasks

(Category II).


X    Employee performs assigned tasks which involve no exposure to blood or other potentially

infectious material AND performance of category I tasks are not a condition of employment

(Category Ill).






____Direct Care






The Albany Area Community Service Board goal is to continually improve the delivery of service

by improvement of consumer outcomes and satisfaction. All employees have a role in performance

improvement and are expected to interact collaboratively with co-workers, and other contacts to

provide consistent, high-quality, consumer focused services.




Provides persons, families, or vulnerable populations with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses, physical or developmental disabilities. Provides patient education and counseling, advises caregivers, and makes necessary referrals for other social services. 


Duties Include:


Acts as client advocate in order to coordinate required services or to resolve crisis.  Administers and coordinates services and activities of specialized mental health and addictive disease programs. Counsels’ clients in individual and groups sessions to help them overcome dependencies, recover from illness, and adjust to life.  Monitors, evaluates, and records client progress according to measurable goals described in a treatment care plan.  Refers client or family to community resources to assist in recovery from mental or physical illness and provides access to services such as financial

ALBANY AREA CSB Job Description                                                                         Page 3


Position Title: Social Service Coordinator I, Licensed – HCP123

Position Number:


Duties include Continued:


assistance, legal aid, housing, job placement or education.  Organizes support groups or counsel family members to assist them in understanding, dealing with, and supporting the client.  Identify environmental impediments to client of patient progress through interviews and review of patient records. Provides training to direct care staff in implementing behavior modification techniques and treatment plans.  Performs clinical assessments of the behavioral health needs of consumers presenting for services.  Provides case management services related to identified treatment needs. Supervises and plans work of assigned staff. 


This position provides oversight and supervision for the outpatient and specialty units within Aspire BHDD, such as Dougherty County OP, ACT and Peer/PSR. 



  1.  Ensures that 95% of all services provided in their program are authorized
  2.  Ensures that 100% staff under SSC 1 meet productivity expectations or progressive discipline is initiated
  3.  Ensures that 95% of all services provided by staff supervised by  SSC1  meet the service definition as indicated by DBHDD policies
  4. Ensures that 100% of all staff under SSC1 supervision meet training requirements as required by DBHDD
  5. Maintains documentation compliance on all services provided and signs all notes assigned to her/him  within 48 hours of service provision
  6. Follows directives from administration to ensure maximum level revenue stream
    1. Use of requisitions
    2. Monitoring both encounter data and units of service billed
  7. Maintains an appropriate work attitude as verified by

                        a. Clear communication with administration and staff

                        b. Demonstrates courtesy and respect in relationships with staff, community professionals and stakeholders.

                        c. Works cooperatively with supervisors and administration to accomplish all assigned tasks.