Instructional Aide

Albany, Georgia
Developmental Disability Services
Primus Industries
Full Time
Location: Albany,Georgia Wage: Starting at: 18611.26
Department: Developmental Disability Services Position Type: Full Time
Announcement Begin Date: 04/04/2018 Pay Grade:
Location Name: Primus Industries



Ability to assist teacher with students. Ability to assist students individually or in groups.  Ability to supervise students in classrooms and other areas.  Knowledge of agency policies and procedures. Ability to enforce rules.  Ability to observe students and record data.  Ability to ensure student safety.  Ability to present subject matter to students under the direction and guidance of lead teacher.  Ability to communicate with target audience.  Ability to monitor behavior of students.  Knowledge of accepted disciplinary techniques.  Knowledge of office equipment.  Knowledge of area specific software.  Ability to prepare lesson plans.  Ability to maintain student records.  Knowledge of documentation process.  Knowledge of discipline and/or service plans.  Knowledge of safety and environmental standards.  Ability to keep inventory of classroom materials.  Computer skills.  Ability to maintain upkeep of classroom. 


Entry Qualifications to include any combination of training and experience, which would have enabled the applicant to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. 


(Physical) No lifting of more than 20 pounds.