Social Service Technician 3

Albany, Ga
Dougherty County Outpatient - Albany, Ga
The Change Center
24,322.01  Annual
Full Time
Location: Albany,Ga Wage: Starting at: 24322.01 Annual
Department: Dougherty County Outpatient - Albany, Ga Position Type: Full Time
Announcement Begin Date: Pay Grade:
Location Name: The Change Center

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: Responsible for initiating and coordinating regular programs (weekly support groups, art class, yoga, etc.) and special events (Recovery Month, Wellness, and Celebrations).  Activities such as publicity signs, scheduling etc.

QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or GED and three years’ experience in a social services related position Or Bachelor’s degree in a social services related field and one year experience in a social services related position. Prefer candidate with Vocational Rehabilitation Certificate or at least two years of documented work experience linking people to work. Knowledge of mental health is needed. Internal employees must be in their current position at least 6 months. 

OTHER DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS APPLICABLE TO THIS POSITION: Experience helping participants in the areas of sports, crafts and other hands on projects. Males familiar with African American cultures.

(X) A pre-employment physical required for appointment to position.

(X) A fingerprint criminal records investigation required for appointment to position.

(X) Pre-employment drug testing and random alcohol/drug testing required for appointment to position.

(X) Males between 18 and 26 years of age required to present proof of having registered with the Selective Services System as required by federal law or of being exempt from such registration.

(X) A transcript (Primary Source) from the college that granted your hours and/or degree will need to be furnished to the Human Resources Department with application materials for verification. An official transcript will be required within 30 days if appointment is made to the position.

Complete application in exact accordance with instructions on how to complete the work history. Describe background in full and make certain application is signed and dated by applicant. Applications must include a telephone number where the applicant can be reached during the daytime. Incomplete applications, applications with insufficient detail, or applications that are otherwise unacceptable may be returned and can result in applicants not being considered for the position.

An applicant who has a disability which requires special accommodation should contact HR at (229) 430-4433

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide information on application status. Only applicants selected for an interview will be notified. All qualified applicants will be considered but may not necessarily receive an interview.

Aspire BH & DD Services does not refuse services or employment to anyone based on race, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, or religious or political opinions or affiliations.