Social Service Provider 2, Unlicensed

Albany, Ga
The Change Center- Albany, Ga
The Change Center
29,399.50  Annual
Full Time
Location: Albany,Ga Wage: Starting at: 29399.50 Annual
Department: The Change Center- Albany, Ga Position Type: Full Time
Announcement Begin Date: Pay Grade:
Location Name: The Change Center

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK:  Responsibilities include project oversight, report and grant writing, policy and procedure, networking with community organizations, providers, state and local entities.  Currently, Aspire employees individuals with CARES certification and individuals with dual certification in CPS and CARES.  Three individuals have been identified as potential candidates for this position. Under general to limited supervision, performs social services functions at an advanced level to consumers and their families. Responsibilities include completion of complex psychosocial assessments, treatment team participation, treatment planning/ monitoring and discharge planning. Provides counseling/therapy to consumers requiring complex intervention, including those who are homicidal, suicidal or exhibit life-threatening behaviors; determines necessity for involuntary commitment; may execute orders of involuntary commitment; provides clinical training to professional social services staff; performs assessments for court depositions, legal proceedings and eligibility determinations. May supervise professional and/or Para-professional social services staff. One position will serve as manager of assigned unit.

QUALIFICATIONS: A master's degree in social work, psychology, counseling, sociology, education, nursing, vocational rehabilitation, or a related field AND two years of full-time (or equivalent part-time) work experience in social services delivery (case management, outreach, prevention/ education, client assessment, counseling, or the development/ implementation of treatment, rehabilitation, or service plans). Internal employees must be in their current position at least 6 months. Salary Negotiable depending on experience.


(X) A pre-employment physical required for appointment to position.

(X) A fingerprint criminal records investigation required for appointment to position.

(X) Pre-employment drug testing and random alcohol/drug testing required for appointment to position.

(X) Males between 18 and 26 years of age required to present proof of having registered with the Selective 

    Services System as required by federal law or of being exempt from such registration.

(X) An official transcript required from the college that granted your hours and/or degree.  The transcript 

     (Primary Source) will need to be furnished to the Human Resources Department.